One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

~ Psalm 27:4

The church building located at 132 E. Washington was dedicated to the Lord on August 2, 1931, as a place of worship, hospitality, spiritual formation and service to the glory of God. We welcome you to come and share in life with us in the Body of Christ. We also open the church building for use by the community, when that use is consistent with the good, pleasing purposes of God.

We invite you to use the church building for planning your special event, such as a wedding, a retreat, a memorial, a family celebration, an art class, a concert or other types of events. Please fill out the online form below, and our Building Use Coordinator, Athena Dickau will be in contact with you about planning your use of the church building.

Guidelines & Forms for Building Use

Requirements for Use:

  • Use must be consistent & respectful of the function of a church in the community.
  • Damage deposit (Returnable after event if church returned to condition you found it.)
  • Clean up and re-setup to the way you found church after your use.
  • Bring your own supplies including cooking utensils, serving ware, etc. (Cleaning supplies provided.)
  • No alcohol or selling of products or services allowed except as specified. Exceptions to this policy are subject to Session approval.
  • Walk-through with Church Administrator required prior to your use.

Local Non-Profit Organization One-Time Use

Local Ongoing Use

  • Local is within 35 miles of the city of Cannon Beach or an organization further out, but services the community within 35 miles of Cannon Beach.
  • Ongoing use must be regular weekly, monthly, or annually if committed to use for at least 3 years.
  • Use of hall, kitchen, and Sanctuary for auditorium type seating.
  • Includes meetings, classes, rehearsals, community events, workshops, and day retreats.
  • No overnight or ticketed events.
  • Exchange of services considered.
  • To download an application or fill out our online form, visit our Building Use Form

Out of Area Non-profit Educational or Church Day Retreats or Workshops

Overnight Church or Non-Profit Retreats

  • Primarily meant to service out of area church overnight retreats.
  • Out of Area Non-Profits providing a public service or servicing within 35 miles of Cannon Beach may be eligible for overnight use.
  • Maximum of 25 people may sleep overnight.
  • One chaperone over 21 years of age required for every 5 people 18 years of age and under.
  • Exclusive use of the church is provided.
  • To download an application or fill out our online form, visit our Building Use Form

Concerts or Ticketed Events

All Other Out of Area of For Profit Use

Local Non-Profit/County/City Community Public Service Events

Contingency Venue for an Outdoor Event

  • For a non-returnable fee, the church may be rented as a contingency venue in case of inclement weather for an outdoor event.
  • If contingency venue used all building use policies apply exactly the same as if you were renting the church for the event without contingency.
  • Intended use contracts must be signed along with contingency contract.
  • To download an application or fill out our online form, visit our Building Use Form

Community Emergency Shelter

During the December 2007 “Great Gale” storm which featured sustained winds above 100 MPH for several days, cutting power to Clatsop County for a whole week, Cannon Beach Community Church was the first place in the county to open as an emergency community shelter, run completely by church and community volunteers. Since 2007, the community shelter has been under the supervision of the City of Cannon Beach.

During any future community emergencies, such as storm-related power outages, or distant earthquake-tsunami evacuation events, Cannon Beach Community Church is the first location designated by the City of Cannon Beach to open as a Community Emergency Shelter. See the City of Cannon Beach webpage for more information.