Our Leaders

Pastor David Robinson

David Robinson has served as pastor of Cannon Beach Community Church since 1993. David received his Bachelor’s degree in Comparative World Religion from University of Washington in 1979, his Masters of Divinity in 1984 (Fuller) and his Doctor of Ministry in 2009 (Fuller). He is married with three married sons. David is author of seven books on Christian spirituality including Cloud Devotion: Through the Year with The Cloud of Unknowing (Paraclete Press, 2020); The Sacred Art of Marriage (Cascade, 2016); Soul Mentoring (Cascade, 2015); Ancient Paths: Discover Christian Formation the Benedictine Way (Paraclete Press, 2010); and The Busy Family’s Guide to Spirituality (Crossroad, 2009). David is a Benedictine Oblate with Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon. David loves to travel to sacred places, play jazz piano, backpack in National Parks, and walk on the beach.

Books written by Pastor David

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Associate Pastor Nathan Daniels

Nathan Daniels came to serve as our full-time Associate Pastor in October 2018. Nathan and his wife Kristi and their three children, David (age 7), Nolan (age 5) and Audrianna (age 2), are excited to serve with the people of Cannon Beach Community Church. Thank you for your prayers for the Daniels family!


Elders (Leadership Team)

  • Secretary: Brent Corwin
  • Worship: Debbie Morris
  • Christian Formation: Gordy Wollen
  • Outreach: Cat Wollen
  • Building/Grounds: Eileen Nordquist
  • Mission: Kimberley Ward
  • Personnel & Finance: Randy Walruff
  • Children & Youth: Pam Olsen
  • Hospitality: Trina Robinson


  • Helen Piatt
  • Marlene Laws
  • Katie Paaso
  • Deanne Johnson
  • Judy Wood
  • Judy Mace
  • Dave Hill
  • Charlotte HIll
  • Melissa Corwin

Volunteer Leaders

  • Treasurer – open
  • Corporation Officers
    • President:
    • Secretary: Brent Corwin
    • Treasurer: open
  • Bookkeeper – Nancy Walruff
  • Financial Counters
    • Judy Capellen
    • David Rouse
    • Maryjane Swynenburg
    • Alan Mushen
    • Gordon Wollen
    • Judy Wood
    • Judy Mace
    • Jackie Simula
    • Pete MacWilliams
    • Jennifer Bingham
    • Jennie Ulbricht (sub)
    • Doug Wood (sub)
  • Audit Committee
    • Judy Capellen (member)
    • Ken Ulbricht (non-member)
  • Nominating Committee
    • Gordon Wollen – Leadership Team
    • Chuck Edgar – Member
    • Barbara Campbell – Member
  • Librarian – Gloria Oja
  • Prayer Ministry Coordinators – Chuck Edgar
  • Women’s Ministry Coordinator – Barbara Campbell
  • Mutual Ministry Team
    • Open – Personnel Elder
    • Jeff Johnson – Member
    • Cole Horsley – Member