Everyday Humility Seminar

Published: 2023-01-06

Pastor David is leading a monthly seminar from his recently published book, Everyday Humility: Twelve Humble Steps into a Life of Joy, a book he wrote during his 2022 sabbatical. This seminar will be held on every first Wednesday (except July and August), at 6pm in the Sanctuary, and will also be live streamed and recorded. Pastor David will cover a chapter a month from Everyday Humility. Humility and joy grow best when we engage in life-giving, down-to-earth practices, such as the twelve steps presented in Everyday Humility. Through down-to-earth ways of living, humility and joy grow in a person’s life, and we become more attractive witnesses to those who do not yet follow Jesus.

Seminar YouTube Links:

Seminar #1: 1.4.2023
Seminar #2: 2.1.2023
Seminar #3: 3.1.2023

Seminar Resources:

Everyday Humility 10 Minute Interview
Outline of Seminar
Seminar #1 Outline
Seminar #2 Outline
Seminar #3 Outline
Step One Study Questions
Step Three Chapter PDF
Pictures of Soul Mentoring
Spiritual Direction Covenant
CBCC Succession Plan