Community Table

Community Table is an opportunity for Cannon Beach Community Church members, friends, and neighbors to enjoy food, fun and fellowship together. Beginning each August, we will gather information (see registration form below), from all who are interested in participating. Host homes will determine the number of participants (6-10) in their group. You will be notified in mid September regarding your group, to collaborate on specific dates and times to gather. Each host will determine their menu, and work with their group on specific details. Groups will meet 8 times; September, October, December, January, February, March, April, and May starting in late September.


Who can participate? Anyone.

Who provides the food? All participants.

If I check able to be a host home, are all the meals at my home? We hope each group can have as many host homes as possible.

If I don’t have room for a group, can I still be a host? Yes, you can all take turns being a host, even if it is in the same home.

Can I bring a friend to check it out? As long as the host home and the host agree that there is room, we would encourage it. We would even suggest that you consider including a student or two from Ecola as much as possible.

If I/we want to be in a group with our friends, can we choose who is in our group? One of the purposes of Community Table is to meet new people, so we would prefer if you have to be with certain friends that you limit it to one or two friends. Please let us know who they are in the comment section of the form.

Could we have a group in Manzanita or Wheeler? If there are enough people in any other area, we would be glad to have one. Please list this in the comment section.

What if our group can’t meet every month? Each group can work out those details, but we encourage you to try not to miss.

What if a group doesn’t work out? Please contact Sharon or Gordy with concerns, and we will address them.

What happens if we don’t get our registration form in by August 31st? We will do our best to add you to a group.

If you have any unanswered questions, please contact

Sharon MacWilliams
Email Sharon


Gordy Wollen
Email Gordy