To request use of Cannon Beach Community Church, please fill in the following form at the bottom of the page. 

Our Building Use Coordinator will contact you on whether your requested dates and requested use can be accommodated and will notify you as to the damage deposit and the building use fees.

Note that nothing is scheduled until your damage deposit and agreement of the building use fees is received.



The Church building of Cannon Beach Community Church:

  • belongs to Cannon Beach Community Church;
  • is governed by the Elders of Cannon Beach Community Church;
  • is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ to bring glory to God.


  • Group Size – maximum number: Sanctuary 200; Fellowship Hall 125; Downstairs 25.
  • Master Calendar – All requests for church building use are subject to approval through Church Master Calendar, with priority given to members and active participants in the Church.
  • Approval & Scheduling – Church building use will be scheduled through the Church Administrator, with approval as necessary by the Leadership Team (governing body). The Leadership Team meets monthly, every second Thursday.
  • Building Access – Access to the Church building will be arranged through the Church Administrator.
  • Liability Waiver – Groups wanting to rent the property will need to provide proof of liability insurance coverage or a signed liability waiver.
  • Property Damage – Groups will be responsible for paying for or repairing any property damage incurred while using the building. A $150 deposit is required. If no damage is assessed, the full amount will be returned. If damage is assessed the amount will be taken out and the remaining balance returned.
  • Promotion – Renters are responsible for their own promotion of event/function all promotional and advertising printed materials pre-approved by the Church Administrator.
  • Equipment/Supplies – Groups are responsible for their own equipment/supplies and removal of equipment/supplies unless pre-arranged with Church Administrator.
  • Beverages – No alcoholic beverages or smoking on the premises, and please no red juices/punches served.


  • Garbage – Renters will be responsible for garbage removal or pay $35 per can.
  • Room Arrangement – Kindly put room back into posted room arrangement order.
  • Furniture – Place chairs, tables, etc. into storage room properly.
  • Clean – Wipe down tables, counters, and other surfaces.
  • Vacuum – Especially carpets near the doors and in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen – All dishes washed, returned to labeled areas, counters, refrigerator and floor clean.
  • Windows/Doors/Heat – Close, lock, set to 60F.

Building Use Enquiry