BLESS Campaign: Serve with Love

Published: 2021-04-05

To BLESS others in April, we will be Jesus’ hands and feet by serving with love.

Make a list of the opportunities you have to serve the 3-5 people in your life you are praying for. Which act of service will you do this week? How can you fit that act into your schedule? What do you need to eliminate from your life in order to serve others in love?

Some ways to serve the people in your life who do not know God

  • Serve through small acts of kindness.
  • Volunteer to take care of a tangible need (cook a meal, babysit, shovel snow, etc.)
  • Make their birthday special.
  • Send a greeting card.
  • Join a community service project with someone who is journeying toward God.
  • Offer to pray.
  • Keep them company.
  • Give or lend something.
  • Don’t miss the big needs – Births, deaths, trials, sickness, and more.
  • When you Listen to people and Eat with them, they will tell you how to love them.

Ways to allow others to reciprocate and in turn serve you

  • Accept invitations (dinner, parties, etc.) and offers of help.
  • Share your needs with your neighbors openly.
  • Be generous with your gratitude.

Pastor David also provides 85 ideas for Random Acts of Kindness here, with many creative ways to bless our neighbors and friends.

Here is recent interview between Executive Covenant Minister Michelle Sanchez (she oversees our Evangelism and Discipleship ministries in the Covenant Church nationally), and Dave Ferguson, pastor and creator of the BLESS framework as well as author of newly published book, BLESS: 5 Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World. In the interview they discuss this newly published book “BLESS: Five Everyday Ways to Love Your Neighbor and Change the World,” along with what Dave’s learned about forming a missional and evangelistic culture in his church. You’ll even hear Michelle Sanchez read about Cannon Beach Community Church BLESS campaign (minute 57:00 in the hour)!