9:00 a.m.
10:45 a.m.
Evensong (1st & 3rd Sundays)
6:00 p.m.
Know Christ—Grow in Christ together—Go with Christ into our Community and World
We are a loving body of seekers and believers in Jesus Christ,
seeking to know Christ and grow in Christ together:

• through God’s Word, prayer and our worship of God;

• through fellowship and our shared life together;

• and through evangelism, service and outreach

creatively bringing Christ’s message of hope
to our community and world.

bullet Our Story
In 1930, during the early years of the Great Depression, a small, faithful group of Christians in Cannon Beach gathered together and planted Cannon Beach’s first congregation, Cannon Beach Community Church. What this first congregation lacked in finances, they made up for in prayer, faith and loving service to the Cannon Beach community.

The beginnings of this congregation date back to the summers of the late 1920’s, when daily Vacation Bible School was held on the beach and Christian worship services were held around beach fires on summer evenings and on Sunday mornings at the public school house, led by visiting pastors of various denominations. Soon, the informal congregation outgrew the school house. Though times were difficult for all in Cannon Beach during the Great Depression, on November 2, 1930, Cannon Beach’s first church was founded with 21 charter members. That same year, a hilltop lot was purchased for $400, a site to build a sanctuary for worship of God. Built largely with volunteer labor, the new sanctuary was dedicated to Jesus Christ, August 2, 1931 including a three-story bell tower. The bells of Cannon Beach first rang on Easter Sunday in 1934, the year a bell was donated to the church.

We were affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA for 82 years. Pastor David Robinson came to serve in Cannon Beach with his wife and family in 1993. In 1996 we renovated the weather-worn original sanctuary, dedicating the new sanctuary to God’s glory, in April 1997. In 2012, the congregation and Cascades Presbytery voted almost unanimously to move our affiliation to the Evangelical Covenant Church, and to share life together in Christ with our brothers and sisters in Christ within the Covenant Church along with fellow congregations here on the north Oregon Coast. Cannon Beach Community Church has consistently grown in faith, hope and love, as well as in membership since her humble, faith beginnings in the 1930s. We have between 150 and 200 people in worship each week.
Our Story
bullet Acceptance into Evangelical Covenant Church Video
On June 28, 2013, Cannon Beach Community Church was formally welcomed as a member church of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) at the Annual Meeting held in Detroit, MI. The video clip above records that moment. On November 9, 2012, this congregation was graciously dismissed from Cascades Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) into the Evangelical Covenant Church. On April 27, 2013, Cannon Beach Community Church was formally welcomed into the North Pacific Conference of the ECC. For further information about the Covenant Church, please see www.covchurch.org.
bullet Our Leaders
bullet Pastor David Robinson

David Robinson has served as pastor of Cannon Beach Community Church since 1993. David received his Bachelor’s degree in Comparative World Religion from University of Washington in 1979, his Masters of Divinity in 1984 (Fuller) and his Doctor of Ministry in 2009 (Fuller). He is married with three grown sons. David is author of four books on Christian spirituality including Ancient Paths: Discover Christian Formation the Benedictine Way (Paraclete Press, 2010) and The Busy Family’s Guide to Spirituality (Crossroad, 2009). David is a Benedictine Oblate with Mount Angel Abbey in Oregon. David loves to travel to sacred places, play jazz piano, backpack in National Parks, and walk on the beach.
BulletBooks written by Pastor David

BulletPastor’s Blog

bullet Staff
bullet Elders (Leadership Team)
  • Secretary: Brent Corwin
  • Vineeta Lower
  • Christian Formation: Gordy Wollen
  • Outreach: Cat Wollen
  • Building/Grounds: Eileen Nordquist
  • Mission: Kimberley Ward
  • Personnel & Finance: Mike Pierce
  • Pam Olsen
bullet Deacons
  • Helen Piatt
  • Marlene Laws
  • Katie Paaso
  • Deanne Johnson
  • Judy Wood
  • Judy Mace
bullet Volunteer Leaders
  • Treasurer - Mike Pierce
  • Corporation Officers
    • President: Larry Grenon
    • Secretary: Doug Wood
    • Treasurer: Mike Pierce
  • Bookkeeper - Buzz Johnson
  • Financial Counters
    • Judy Capellen
    • David Rouse
    • Maryjane Swynenburg
    • Alan Mushen
    • Jennie Ulbricht (sub)
    • Judy Wood (sub)
    • Doug Wood (sub)
  • Audit Committee
    • Judy Capellen (member)
    • Ken Ulbricht (non-member)
  • Nominating Committee
    • Buzz Johnson - Leadership Team
    • Chuck Edgar - Member
    • Barbara Campbell - Member
  • Librarian - Gloria Oja & Janie Watson
  • Prayer Ministry Coordinators - Dale Thompson & Chuck Edgar
  • Nursery Coordinator -
  • Women's Ministry Coordinator - Barbara Campbell
  • Mutual Ministry Team
    • Mike Pierce - Personnel Elder
    • Jeff Johnson - Member
    • Cole Horsley - Member
  • Webmaster - Larry Grenon - arizore.com
bullet Our Church Steeple and Bells

Our Church Steeple and Bells

In 2012, we installed a new Church Steeple with Celtic Cross on the roof of the Church building over the Prayer Room (the original entrance into the sanctuary and location of the original Church Bell Tower) along with a digital Carillon Bell system, as a visual and audio witness to our faith in Jesus Christ. The Church Steeple is lighted until 11p.m. every night. The bells ring at Noon and 6 p.m. every day, and before worship services. Many thanks to everyone who donated to the Steeple Fund, bringing this plan to fruition. To God be the glory!


Background of Church Bells and Bell Tower

The first Sanctuary and Bell Tower at Cannon Beach Community Church was built in 1931. Bells first rang from Cannon Beach Community Church from that Bell Tower, on Easter Sunday, 1934. For the next six decades, bells rang daily in Cannon Beach as a witness to our faith in Jesus Christ. The Bell Tower was torn down decades ago due to weathering problems. The old carillon bell system wore out in 2000 and was removed. Over the past decade we’ve sought to replace the old carillon with a new carillon bell system within a newly built steeple. The new carillon bells ring out at Noon and 6 p.m., as well as at the beginning of every worship service, reminding people of God’s gifts of peace and goodwill discovered through prayer and worship, as Longfellow wrote in 1864, I heard the bells . . . wild and sweet their words repeat of peace on earth, goodwill to men.
bullet Our Church Building/Garden Photo Gallery
  • African Cross with Dove and Hands
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Baby Room
  • Brass Cross in Foyer
  • Cannon Beach Historical Society
  • Celtic Cross Window in Pastor's Study
  • Celtic Cross
  • Church Building
  • Church Community Garden
  • Church Garden Spiral
  • Church Kitchen
  • COME TO THE FIRECommissioned Painting of Historic Beginnings of the Church circa. 1927
  • Communion Table
  • Cross Door Handles
  • Daisies
  • Daisies and Poppies
  • Eagle Window on East Wall of Sanctuary
  • Fellowship Hall from SE Corner
  • Fellowship Hall from SW Corner
  • Fireplace in Fellowship Hall
  • Garden Circle
  • Garden by Sanctuary
  • God Bless
  • Grand Piano, Screen, Celltic Cross
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Kitchen
  • Nursery
  • Path to the Cross
  • Prayer Room
  • Rock Walkway
  • Rock Wall & Garden closeup
  • Rogers Organ
  • Rose Window at Sunset
  • Sanctuary Facade
  • Sanctuary from NE Corner
  • Sanctuary from SE Corner
  • Rock Wall with Garden by Sanctuary
  • Sanctuary from Back NE Corner
  • Sanctuary from Back SE Corner
  • Steeple Model, from S-W
  • Steeple Model from South
  • Steeple View #1
  • Steeple View #2
  • Steeple View #3
  • Stone Walkway
132 E Washington • PO Box 37 • Cannon Beach, OR 97110 • (503) 436-1222
A congregation affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church  
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